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History of Our Funeral Homes

History of Day Macz Funeral Homes in Patoka and Sandoval
Mark Cox - Apr. 3, 1909 - Jun. 29, 1990
Margaret Cox, Jul. 29, 1916 - Jul.28, 2007
Dean Martin, Dec. 28, 1912 - Oct. 26, 1993
Virginia Martin, Jul. 25, 1916 - May 28, 1994 In Memory of James R. "Bob" Day
February 3, 1923 - May 21, 2012
Marge Day, Jul 5, 1926 - Sept. 25, 2017

Dean Martin (wife, Virginia) & Mark Cox (wife, Margaret) started the funeral home in 1938.  James R. "Bob" Day was offered the the opportunity to purchase the Cox-Martin Funeral Home in Sandoval & Patoka in 1981.   After serving in World War II, Bob received his mortuary degree from the St. Louis School of Mortuary Science in 1949.  He began his career at the Zieren-Day Funeral Home in Carlyle.  In 1994, the Cox-Martin & Day Funeral Home was renamed Day Funeral Homes.   Bob's sons James R. "Bobby" Day joined the firm in 1981 and Dennis D. Day in 1984.  In February of 2011, Tom & Traci Macz joined the staff at Day Funeral Homes.  In late 2012, they took over the management of Day Funeral Homes and in 2013 the funeral home was renamed Day Macz Funeral Homes. 

History of Irvin Macz Funeral Homes in Centralia and Odin

In Memory of Larry Irvin
February 21, 1941 - November 24, 2014

Larry Irvin was a 1960 graduate of Worsham College of Mortuary Science. Larry started Irvin Funeral Home in Centralia in 1972 when he moved to the area. In 1983 he expanded his business to Odin. Larry was very active in various organizations and was known as a caring and kind server of the people and as a humanitarian for the needy. He received a 50 year recognition plaque from the Illinois Funeral Directors Association during his career. In 2015, Tom & Traci Macz purchased Irvin Funeral Homes from the Irvin family. The business was renamed Irvin Macz Funeral Homes.